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    In May of 2007 LAPS was formed by Manny, George and Idel. Having had paranormal experiences in the past, we began a journey in hunt for the truth or an explanation. This Journey has given us plenty of experience and left us with more questions which motivates us to continue our research. Manny is the Director, George Tech Manager, Idel feeler/investigator and recent addition Juan. We have been invited to many interesting places such as radio shows, many private homes and haunted historic locations. These places include Indiana Dunes, the Scutt Mansion in Joliet, the Humphrey House, Worth City Museum & very haunted Al Capone Warehouse/brothel/bar. And radio stations such as B-96 & LaLey 107.9. 2011 was a great year for us, we have grown as a team and are more experienced, with new equipment and more to come, we can't wait for next year. I hope 2012 we have another ride in the paranormal adventures and a chance to meet you!

                                                                    LAPS Director


Our Mission: To help those individuals that are tormented by paranormal activity that might be occurring in their house or place of business. We are committed to providing a scientific investigation with tangible evidence and facts. Because we use the scientific method, we try to find a natural cause first, if no explanation is found, then it is considered paranormal. Orbs are NOT necessarily considered paranormal (see the evidence section for more on this subject).

We have been working for over 10 years in the paranormal field. Though we just formed the group, we have a great number or referrals and contacts. If we cant solve your paranormal problem, we will find someone that will. We only provide our services in the Chicagoland area, but exceptions could be made.

We are paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, ghost believers and researchers. Investigating & researching the background on the location is part of our FREE service

Our investigations are based with video, EVPs, and photography.

Your privacy is our concern, NO names or addresses will be made public. We are totally discreet and we assure your privacy

We are eager to start, if you think you might have a good case, then feel free to Contact Us. We are professional and friendly.
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