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Paranormal Investigation is much like detective work and require the proper tools for the task. Proper use will give better results than expensive or more equipment. Knowing how to use your equipment is important. Different kind of equipment is necessary, because when one equipment show something paranormal, the other should as well (One piece of equipment backs up the other to confirm a paranormal experience).

Holy water
(Perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for any ghost hunter or paranormal investigator. Holy Water is known to protect from evil spirits and prevent bringing unwanted spirits to your house)

(Perhaps one of the most important piece of equipment for any ghost hunter or paranormal investigator. A rosary is known to protect from evil spirits and prevent bringing unwanted spirits to your house)

(Used for blessing a house. A very powerful book in the spiritual world. It is also the highest selling book of all time)

Quartz Necklace
(A quartz can repel negative energy and prevent you from bringing a spirit home)

TRI FIeld Natural EMF Meter
(Used to detect natural EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) readings. No ghost hunter should be with out one, this is like the eyes for a ghost hunter, it will read things you can't see with the naked eye. Natural EMF is caused by mother nature, such as a thunderstorm or earth's natural electromagnetic field. This particular meter will detect 3 different fields, the magnetic, the electrical and the microwaves. In ghost hunting we use the Magnetic and the electrical. This device also has a Sum Mode that will operate with both electrical and magnetic meters combined, when any fluctuations occur in any of the fields, it will go off. The theory is that entities give off EMFs. With a radius of 10 ft, this meter will go off when an entity is present)



Artificial Digital EMF Meter 
(This meter will detect artificial EMFs that are caused by man made objects, such as electrical outlets, radios, microwaves, etc. Anything over .5 mil gauss is considered abnormal and high EMF readings reaching above 100 mil gauss are dangerous and can cause mood swings, headaches, sickness, paranoia, and the feeling of being watched. Long exposure to high EMFs can lead to cancer and other health diseases. Dangerously high EMF readings are commonly seen in old houses with poor electrical insulation. The artificial EMF meter can help disprove false feelings of being watched and at the same time and can be used for picking up EMFs from an entity)



Infrared Night Vision Camcorder (2)
(No ghost hunter should be without  one, visual images are a powerful piece of evidence. A video is an excellent piece of evidence because it is hard to disprove. Digital images, audio, and video can be manipulated, but a video will always show if it was tampered with. Night vision allows you to see in the dark and infrared enhances that night vision shots. This model uses no tapes or DVDs, it has a hard drive that will record up to 41 hours! It also makes it easy for editing and archiving in your computer)



Camcorder (2)
(This is an old school piece of equipment, not good for night recording, but can still capture some images in well lighted areas. We have even caught some interesting EVPs with this camera)



Digital Voice Recorders (3)
(Used for capturing EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) during investigations. EVPs come from disembodied voices that at the time of recording are not heard, but when you play the recording back you will hear the voices that at the time you did not hear. This particular model will connect to the computer in wav. format and recordings are easily transferred to the computer for enhancing and archiving. With a special software we can enhance the sound and clean the background noise)

(Enhances sound by up to 10X. A microphone is highly recommended for capturing EVPs, it will eliminate any contamination caused by you when handling the voice recorder, giving you a cleaner sound)


 Tape Recorders (2)
(Old school piece of equipment that will eventually become very costly. New tapes MUST be used each time you do an EVP session, reason for this is that previously used tapes will sometimes show noise from a previous a recording. Also new tapes give off better quality)



 Digital Temperature Scanners
(When conducting an investigation a base temperature reading is done, so if and when a cold spot is found it can be confirmed with a scan reading from one of this devises. The theory is that entities draw energy from it's surroundings sometimes draining batteries and/or creating cold spots. Just  like a can of computer duster, it will get chili when used, because it is drawing energy from it's contents)



 Digital Photo Cameras (4)
(Just like video and audio, a digital photo camera will save you money compared to a 35mm camera. It gives you instant results and any bad photos can be discarded. We have caught most of our evidence material with a digital photo camera. It also allows for easy archiving in your computer. Note: Older and low end digital cameras make low quality pictures and when are fussy, making hard to read and sometimes good evidence ends in th trash)



 Spot Lights (3)
(With 1 Mil candle power light, this is a must when visiting the outdoor at night. This model recharges and eliminates wasting money on batteries)



 Flash Lights
(ALL member should always have flash light for safety reasons. Safety is our #1 concern)



First Aid Kit
(All groups conducting an investigation should have one of these, safety comes first)

(A chalk can bes used to mark the outline of an object that is known to move by it self)

(Works just like EMF meter, and it is more affordable. Perfect for the beginner. Fluctuations will occur when an entity is near by, the needle will start spinning with no explanation)

DC Gage (Future Equipment)
(A Decibel gage will detect low frequencies that are not heard by the human ear. Total silence is a must when when using the Decibel Gage)

Air Ion Meter (Future Equipment)
(Ion meter with read the amount of ions that are presently in the air. The theory is the entities will give off a higher number of ions when they manifest)

Walkie Talkies
(Teams are divided into 2-3 and each member is must carry a walkie to communicate)

 Pen & Paper
(Used for recording when, where and the time that a paranormal experience happened. These notes can later be compared and confirmed with other team members)



 Thermal Imaging (Future Equipment)
(The most sought after piece of equipment by a ghost hunter and the most expensive too! This device captures thermal images that are color coded according to their temperature. It is kinda like the movie Predator. Also, very interesting images have been caught with this piece of equipment)  






Ouija Board


 Dowsing Rods


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