Latin American Paranormal Society


                                    Rules We Follow

1. Safety is #1. Do NOT do anything that sounds, seems, or you think that is unsafe!
2. Respect all team members
3. Respect all private and public property (e.i. Grave Stones)
4. Stealing or Vandalism is Strictly NOT tolerated
5. NEVER wonder alone, always investigate in pairs
6. In a paranormal event, maintain calm, never run
7. Drugs or Alcohol are NOT permitted prior or during an investigation
8. NO smoking when filming or taking pictures
9. NO talking when doing an EVP session
10. NO Children under 18 allowed in an investigation
11. All members must carry ID's in case you are questioned by the police
12. NEVER assume the place you are investigating is haunted
13. NEVER re-use the same old tapes. You must use new ones to prevent any doubt
14. NEVER be rude to home owners, always thank them before you leave
15. Listen to all Suggestions of all group members and refer to rule #2
16. If you can't make it to an investigation, let someone know
17. Never take yourself too serious
18. Most Importantly have fun!

                      Most Frequent Asked Questions
Remember we live in the physical world and they live in the spiritual world and sometimes the veil between the two gets very thin allowing for communication, thus a paranormal event.

Q. How much does it cost for an investigation?
Our investigating in based on volunteers giving their time, so at the moment our investigations are FREE of charge.
Though we do accept donations that help us maintain this page & pay for expenses such as gas and video tapes

Q. Is my house haunted?
The truth is that most houses aren't haunted, most events have rational explanations. Before you think your house haunted, make sure that noises you hear aren't coming from the pluming in the house or vibration from outside traffic. If you see shadows, make sure they aren't caused from outside traffic. While most things have an explanation, there are those few cases where there just isn't an explanation, this is where we come in play. Make sure contact us, we will contact you ASAP.

Q. Why is this ghost in my house?
For the most part ghosts are attached to a place or object. They are there for different reasons, they could refuse to move on to the afterlife, they can be so in love with a home, they might not know they are dead, they might have suffered a sudden death or horrible death, etc

Q. What about my privacy?
Privacy is our middle name, for no reason should anyone know what happens inside your home. We will provide a written contract signed by us and you that clearly states that nor your name or address will be shared, this guarantees your privacy. Only evidence will be shared public and your name and address will remain anonymous.

Q. Why Should I trust LAPS?
LAPS is a group of honest people, we are NOT here for the money or to become famous, we are here to help you and those who need our help. We are only 4 members, we have been from the start. We never had an incident or problem with any client and we never took anything from any of the places we have been in. We look at your private home as sacred to you and we respect that.

Q. How is LAPS different from other groups?
Unlike other groups out there, LAPS is a small group of 4 members. The more members the more caos. We are not here to get rich or to rip people off hosting $100 per person tours, we are here help you get rid of your ghosts or at least understand who they are & not to be afraid of them. And we don't believe that all orbs are ghosts

Q. How can LAPS help me?
We first start with a scientific investigation, if we conclude that your house is haunted we offer a cleansing ritual with candles, sage, and holy water.

Q. What can I do until LAPS arrives?
Take lots pictures, have a camera ready so when you feel a ghost or a spirit you are ready. Also have a voice recorder ready and when you feel the entity try to communicate and ask questions such as: why are you here? Name? Time of death? How can I help you? etc

Q. Why do post more pictures & videos than most groups?
First I must say that another of our goals is to educate the public and demonstrate with evidence that we are not alone. "It takes an experience to make a believer" & we supply as much evidence to make you aware of things you might have missed or should keep an eye on. If you search other websites, we probably have the most evidence, this is due to the fact that we try hard to give you an answer on regards to your haunting

Q. What is a ghost?
A ghost is composed of energy, most are not here to harm anyone, they simply need help. Some people don't believe in ghosts, and most are afraid of ghosts. Remember we live in the physical world and they live in the spiritual world and sometimes the veil between the two gets very thin allowing for communication. It takes an experience to make a believer and it takes experience to not be afraid of them. There are some evil ghosts out there that can slap you, push you, scratch you and even throw stuff at you. But up till now only one person has been killed by a ghost and certified by a death certificate.

Q. Are Orbs ghosts?
This question always arises over and over again, and quite frankly I am getting tired of people thinking that all orbs are related to the paranormal. MOST ORBS ARE SIMPLY DUST! You can do a test yourself, go to a place that has loose dirt, shake the dirt creating dust and snap a picture! What is a paranormal orb you might ask? If it has it's own flight patter and is not a bug, then more likely it can be paranormal energy. In theory, orbs are balls of ghostly energy, but not all orbs are paranormal. See our examples in the evidence section. The moment that all realize that orbs are necessarily ghosts we move this field into a new chapter. So people, please quit claiming orbs as ghosts and do some research before you make such claims.

Q. What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?
Simple, a spirit comes to visit you from the after life to see how you are doing, these include love ones and family, they will do certain physical thing to let you they are there, usually a scent or a movement of an object. A ghost on the other hand is here because he is trapped in limbo, he refuses to move on to the afterlife for different reasons (see what is a ghost)

Q. Why LAPS?

LAPS is a group of Latino's focused in the paranormal. There are thousands of groups out there, but not many Latino paranormal groups. We felt that the Latino community was left out and we formed this group. After all ghosts are universal, they don't just happen to Caucasians. 

                                   Glossary / Terms:

Agent: A living person at the site of the haunting that can cause, increase, be the source or only witness the phenomena. How is this possible? It remains unexplained

Apparition: A spectral image that is referred to as a ghost that is more of an imprint or footnote that is recognized by shape. An apparition is mostly connected to a residual haunting

Apport: A physical object that materializes at will with no reason, including coins, watches, jewelry, personal objects, etc. These objects appear and disappear and are often connected to spirits as they make their presence known

Automatic Writing: A method used by a medium to communicate with the dead. In theory, the spirit take control of the unconscious medium and cases writing information on paper
Collective Apparition:
E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena):
Ghost Hunting:
Ghost Lights:
Intelligent Haunting:
Ouija Boards:
Phenomenon (Phenomena):
Psychic Trigger:
Psychokinesis (PK):
Reciprocal Apparition:
Spirit Photography:

 Types of  Hauntings                                        
Residual Haunting
Intelligent Haunting
Portal Hauntings
Ghosts Lights
Visitation Hauntings
Waking Dreams
Man-Made Ghosts

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