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Our Investigations
We would like everyone to know, there are many personal experiences that occur on these investigations, and not everything is able to be caught on film, or audio.  The evidence here is provided just so everyone can see what we have caught, and also for those who are interested in seeing some of the best photos we have managed to capture.

Scutt Mansion, Joliet IL
The Scutt Mansion is a 3 story home built in the late 1800's by Hiram Scutt. Scutt was a prominent businessman who was president of Citizens Electric Company and held numerous early patents on barbed wire, thus the name "Barb Villa." Two murders have been commuted in the property and 2 of the original owners have died in the house. Our medium said there are also spirits of children in the house, no record of children dieing in the house exist, and remains a mystery.

Boys & Girls Club

During the investigation we heard steps and whistling in the upstairs floor, no body was up there at the time. This confirmed what the trustees had been claiming. Just about every one that works here has had an encounter of some sort. From full body apparitions, shadows, voices, footsteps, whistling and strange noises. At one point an investigator (Henry Pena) commanded that a particular light of the gym to be turned on and it did, all by it self! This is impossible because, when you flip the switch all the lights must go on. But in this case only one went on, then henry said "now turn this one on" and it did! Good EVPs have been captured in the basement and in the lounge area, even in the janitor's closet! It is said that many spirits lurk these grounds, a little girl, and several men. Lots of people died here through out it's history, from hangings, suicide, murder, and natural deaths. This place has been an hotel with stores and a brothel in the Al Capone era and is a very active site!

Cemetery X No.3

Cemetery X No.1

 Atila House
This nice couple (anonymous) contacted us with a case of a ghost that taunted them repeatedly. Both fought constantly and were on the verge of divorce. The fighting created a negative energy that made matters worse, and also fed the negative entity that was haunting them. We investigated the place and did a cleansing with holy water, orations and sage. The couple has never reported any more hauntings.
B&G Club
Face of B&G Club




EVPs (Coming Soon)

Other Paranormal Photos
These fotos were taken MOSTLY by other investigators/people, but are still interesting to see.
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